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Statement by Chetham’s School of Music

What we have learned during the course of the last four weeks has shocked us to the core.  The passage of time between the offences and now does not lessen this shock.  Mr Brewer has been found to have committed the most appalling acts which took place during his time at the school, and he breached the trust placed in him by the school, its staff and most importantly the students.  On behalf of the current school staff I wish to express my profound and sincere apology and regret.  And most of all I wish to express the sorrow and sympathy we feel for the family of our former student who died under such tragic circumstances and had to endure so much.

Having been the Head of the School for the last 14 years I can say that during my time child welfare has been at the heart of the school. This has been endorsed by the Independent Schools Inspectorate. Furthermore, the child protection measures we have in place are robust and extensive and reflect the huge improvements in child protection across the education sector. 

It is my job to ensure that Chetham’s continues to nurture and develop our current students, the talented young musicians we are so privileged to teach.  Whilst I am responsible for ensuring that the school has a bright future, I recognise that the repercussions of this case and the hurt Mr Brewer has caused will continue for some time and must never be forgotten.

Claire Moreland, Head of Chetham’s School of Music